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I combine my technical expertise with a keen eye
for targeting +100K/s requests and trends online to offer you high-quality Web marketing mix tactics : finely tuned to your specific objectives with a strong product-market fit.

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Strategic Vision

Elevate your strategic vision by harnessing actionable insights from diverse acquisition channels. Outpace your competitors by benchmarking their strategies in real-time and swiftly adapting your own. We pinpoint low-hanging opportunities to fuel your growth with minimal resistance, setting the stage for an ambitious push into more contested markets. Our goal is to secure your leadership position by offering a clear, step-by-step strategy, rooted in unique insights and innovative approaches. Embrace our tailored solutions to outmaneuver the competition and achieve unparalleled success. Let’s redefine your market strategy and claim your top spot together.

Automation Engineering

By refining our performance benchmarks and leveraging cutting-edge measurement and engineering solutions, we empower strategic decision-making with precise insights into the current landscape. Enhance your agility and make informed decisions swiftly to stay ahead of the competition. Experience increased responsiveness and amplify the impact of your actions for higher profitability. Discover how our tailored approach can specifically address your business challenges. Take action now to transform your decision-making process and secure a competitive advantage.

Project management

Elevate your project management to unparalleled heights by integrating advanced analytical tools and methodologies. Achieve operational excellence by streamlining project workflows, enhancing team collaboration, and optimizing resource allocation. Our approach focuses on delivering measurable outcomes, reducing project delivery times, and maximizing efficiency, while maintaining the highest quality standards. We provide you with the strategies and tools to tackle complex challenges head-on, ensuring your projects are not just completed, but are milestones of success in your industry. Transform your project management practices with us and lead your projects to their full potential, setting new benchmarks for excellence and innovation. Let’s chart the course to project success together.

Competence Center

Revolutionize your organization’s capabilities by establishing a Competence Center dedicated to fostering innovation, enhancing skills, and driving technological advancements. Our approach creates a centralized hub of expertise, where knowledge sharing and best practices empower your teams to excel in their respective domains. By focusing on continuous improvement and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we ensure your organization stays ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving marketplace. The Competence Center will not only boost operational efficiency but also enhance your ability to innovate and adapt to new challenges. Partner with us to build a resilient foundation of knowledge and skills that propels your organization towards sustained success and industry leadership. Let’s unlock the full potential of your teams together and set new standards of excellence.


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Let’s work on your vision.

I have worked for international agencies where the level of demand was very high, and today I am looking to focus on projects that take into account the strategic vision, regardless of the size, I prioritize who you are and your projection.

Client Testimonials

“…After working as a web developer on the first version, Florent proposed an enhanced redesign following his achievement of an MBA in Marketing. He expertly involved us and the right creative minds for competitive benchmarking and demand/trend analysis. The impact was immediate, with a significant increase in quote requests, leading to a ninefold return on advertising investment. Within 12 months, we achieved our maximum ROI, hitting our capacity limit. Florent possesses exceptional interpersonal skills and a wealth of expertise. He values meaningful exchanges while looking ahead to offer proactive solutions. I highly recommend him.”

MIA Laurenti
Maison Koti

“…Florent has turned his web expertise into a real asset for the nonprofit sector. Over the past ten years, his journey has been enriched with an MBA in digital marketing, marking a significant evolution in his ability to innovate and offer impactful solutions. Recognized for his excellence in digital communication, he has worked with us in a non-profit spirit, lending his talent to our SEO, mailing campaigns, and competitive analysis. Thanks to him, our organization has risen to a leadership position by accurately responding to market needs while optimizing our financial resources and pursuing a mission that goes beyond profit. The results are clear: a notable increase in memberships and major conversions. We are even considering giving him more responsibilities to explore new horizons. If you are looking for a professional who can make a difference, Florent is your person. I highly recommend him!…”

Monique Sentey
Association UAE

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